Risk and Reward

Phillips Arena

Shaping New Business Models

As the healthcare market evolves, providers and payers are increasingly thinking about new relationships and new ways of doing business. At the Huron Healthcare CEO Forum, hospital and health system executives met with leaders from the payer and policy worlds to discuss the changing business model and the need to find an appropriate balance between risk and reward.

Population Health

Georgia Aquarium

Preparing for the Transition

The shift from managing episodes of care to taking responsibility for population health was a major focus at the Forum. Key questions included: when is the transition coming, what steps can be taken now to build readiness, what new partnerships might be needed, and how will the transition to population health affect revenue and operating margin?


World of Coca-Cola

The Rising Power of Consumers

Many of the forces reshaping healthcare bring new levels of uncertainty, but one thing is clear: no matter how the healthcare landscape evolves, it will be greatly shaped by the rise of consumerism. To succeed in this new environment, hospitals and health systems will need the ability to meet the needs of empowered consumers. 

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