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Huron CEO Forum

How can healthcare executives best lead their organizations during this time of change and uncertainty?

David Bernd

I think it is an excellent time to be a healthcare leader. The uncertainty in the market also brings great opportunity. Innovation is key, and risk-taking on a limited basis is important. My advice is to build an excellent relationship with the board of directors, be in sync with your community and put together a strong strategic vision and plan of where you want to take the organization. For leaders who do that, there is a lot of opportunity out there.

David L. Bernd
CEO Emeritus, Sentara Healthcare
CEO Forum Chair

There is a lot of discussion about potential changes, but it pays to remember that change in healthcare never moves at warp speed. It is important to keep a strong focus on basic values and avoid the Ready, Shoot, Aim approach. For us, that means making sure we have the best possible outcomes and aligning with our physicians to practice evidence-based medicine and reduce variations.

Teri Fontenot, FACHE
President and CEO, Woman’s Hospital

Focus on culture. Dialogue and recognition across the organization are vital so that people feel respected and engaged as we navigate through uncertainty. Cost reduction and continuing to improve efficiency are also key. Finally, we have to become much better at growing our businesses, rather than wait for growth to come to us.

Elliot Joseph
CEO, Hartford Healthcare

Stay focused, rather than reacting to every new change coming out. There is still work to be done to make health care more affordable. That is especially important for institutions that are tasked with training the next generation of healthcare professionals and advancing research and innovation. One key is using our evidence-based guidelines to improve the value equation for patients.

Johnese Spisso, RN, MPA
CEO, UCLA Hospital System; President, UCLA Health

Pay attention to the care model. Patients want care that is better quality, more affordable and more convenient. They want a better care experience. You certainly have to keep the radar active and think about the next three or four steps that lie ahead. But while that is happening, it is critical to address efforts that will add value today.

Richard J. Statuto, FACHE
President and CEO, Bon Secours Health System

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